Vision, Mission and Values & Ethos 


‘Nurturing young people to become responsible leaders within our British society, by following the way of Nabi Muhammad (SAW) for the pleasure of Allah.’

Mission – (4 Ts)

Promoting a culture of educational excellence in a caring and secure Islamic environment enriched by the values of discipline, mutual care and respect that extends beyond the school into the wider community.

  • Taleem – Aspire to impart knowledge with a strong belief that each person is exceptional and special and capable of overcoming any perceived limitations 
  • T’allum – Attain excellence by acquiring knowledge in a caring Islamic environment to help prepare for life in the 21st century.
  • Tazkiyah – Inspire to develop enriched Islamic ethos, taqwaa, morals, values, and respectable etiquettes within our daily lives.
  • Tabligh – Spread characteristics of taqwaa, respect, peace, love and tolerance to the wider community.

Ethos – (TAQWAA)

  1. To be outstanding at the Darul Uloom Dewsbury

Have complete trust in Allah and follow the life of Nabi Muhammed (SAW). Be confident and proud of your British Muslim identity. Respect the rules and value the Vision.

  1. Achieve excellence in attendance & punctuality

Arrive to lessons and for Salah on time fully prepared, focused and motivated.

  1. Quality of excellence in acquiring knowledge and attaining spirituality

Aspire to raise attainment by having a positive attitude towards learning with enthusiasm, attentiveness and Duas.

  • Work respectfully

Show mutual respect and tolerance to all teachers, staff, volunteers, colleagues and democratically elected student councillors and the protected characteristics.

  1. Aspire to volunteer devotedly

Volunteer devotedly to perform good deeds for the pleasure of Allah.

  1. Assist others (Da’ee)

Encourage, motivate and inspire others by being an outstanding ambassador of Islam and playing an active role in the wider community.